Can it be so?

At times we look at each other with the feeling and thought that our wedding must have been yesterday…..



Or we must have just gotten back from our honeymoon……

Part of our honeymoon!


Or our 1st month anniversary was last week…..

One-month anniversary dinner!


But we know this is not the case, for now we are 9 days from our 1/2 year anniversary. God has been so faithful over these last several months. It is amazing how fast time has already flown.



One very special blessing we have received from our heavenly Father is the little life forming in Amanda’s womb.


We are excited and also humbled that God has blessed us with this gift and responsibility of laying the ground work which our children and their children will grow and build upon. We know that this time in our lives is crucial for our family and we pray we are living  for His honor and glory!



  1. Jessica   •  

    Praise the Lord for His unending faithfulness and continual work in our lives! We are rejoicing with you. Love you lots.

  2. Kathryn   •  

    Love the photos — truly how great is our Father’s goodness! Looking forward with great anticipation to the day I am able to hold that precious little one.

  3. Andrea   •  

    Congratulations! 🙂

  4. Anke   •  

    Congratulation to the parents-to-be! When is the baby going to be born?

  5. James   •  

    Ya’ll have your own website now! This is great!

  6. Ashley   •  

    I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!!! Can you post more pictures? Praise God for a new baby that’s coming into your lives!!!
    Love in Christ,

  7. victoria   •  

    Congratulations. What wonderful news!


  8. Anna Hall (Trees)   •  

    Hi Amanda! Praise the Lord for His gift of children. I will pray for you as you prepare for the wonderful responsibility ahead. May Christ be continually glorified through your family.

  9. Kathryn   •  

    Just came back to this post again… and tears filled my eyes at the goodness of our heavenly Father. How life has changed in the few short months since you both wrote this post. To think that that little “someone” on the way then is now a vibrant, happy baby…
    May we each continue to be faithful to treasure every moment of every day.

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