The Holiday Season – A Time for Thanksgiving to God!

Great is the Lord and greatly to praised and His greatness is unsearchable! (Ps. 145:3)


In the midst of this wonderful season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the approaching New Year, we should not forget to be grateful to the God of Heaven for His many blessings. As I have contemplated the recent Thanksgiving holiday, I imagined thousands upon thousands of celebrations where gratefulness to God was missing. His name was never mentioned once and His works and gifts were not ascribed to His benevolent kindness. Instead of being grateful to their Creator, individuals and families were thankful for something or someone in His creation apart from Him.  Sadly, this imagination was a reality all across this great land of America.


As children of God, we must not forget to declare our thanksgiving for our Heavenly Father and His dear Son. Rather, our lips should be full of His praises. Our tongue ready to speak of His goodness. Our eyes looking for His handiwork. Furthermore, our hearts and minds meditating on His loving-kindness. It is important to remember, that the individual who lives in constant forgetfulness of God will not appear much different than the person who rejects and denies God. A powerful and convincing way to be in the world and not of it is to be ready to declare with joy and adulation, our thanksgiving to the Creator and Sustainer of all things.


Thanksgiving is the beginning of what some call the Holiday Season. Sadly, Thanksgiving is often forgotten as Christmas and New Years arrive. This shouldn’t be the case for believers in Christ. I propose that as believers in Christ, we should take thanksgiving throughout the entire season. At every possibly opportunity, may we testify of the wondrous work of our great God in our lives. When we gather with family and friends, let us share our thankfulness for God and His work in our life.  May Thanksgiving to God be in unison with each beating of our hearts as we traverse through the remainder of this year and all of its festivities!


  1. Sharon K   •  

    Thankful to have found your place on the web
    Thankful for God’s blessing in your life
    Thankful that He has entrusted you with a precious soul to raise
    Have a blessed and thankful Christmas!

  2. Nell Prince   •  

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! When is your precious baby due?

  3. Vanessa   •  

    I am so excited to see that we will be getting updates. I am also happy to hear that God has blessed you both with a little one. That is such wonderful news! I look forward to getting updates and I will be in prayer that you would have a safe and healthy pregnancy. God Bless

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