Joyful Reflections

I LOVE my new role as a wife and mother-to-be! I am thoroughly enjoying every day of this new life God has placed me in, as I continue to learn more and more about what it is to be a Christ-honoring wife and homemaker.


The past several months have been a wonderful time of learning, new experiences, growth in several different areas of life. I have had a lot of fun organizing, decorating, and working in our little apartment, as well as watching and learning about all of the multitudinous farming ventures that are going on around us (and participating in a few of them, as time and opportunity allow 🙂 ). I’ve REALLY enjoyed cooking – especially searching out new recipes and trying different things that I wouldn’t have taken the time for before I was married. And of course, a good bit of time has gone into preparing for the baby – whether it’s reading about pregnancy and birth, attending classes and midwife appointments with my wonderful husband, thinking about how to organize our home and lives to accommodate this new little blessing, or simply taking more time to rest than I ever needed before!


I’m still learning about life from this new perspective of being a wife and mother, with all of its accompanying responsibilities, challenges, and joys. But God is good, and I pray that, by His grace, I will live every day, tackle every task, and enjoy every relationship that He places before me for His honor and glory!



  1. Nell   •  

    Enjoy every minute of this season of life; it is one of God’s best gifts to you. Your cup will definitely run over.

  2. Sharon K   •  

    God IS good… and I think you will find being a wife only gets better and increasingly satisfying every year that passes. Enjoy every day. 🙂

  3. Vanessa   •  

    I am very happy that things are going well! I agree, being a wife is very fun. Our prayers are with ya’ll as you prepare for this little one. . May God’s love overflow through you both. Marriage is such a wonderful blessing, and being parents (we are still praying for that blessing). Thank you so much for this encouraging post.

  4. Jessi   •  

    Such a joy it is to watch and learn from you as you joyfully step into this new, exciting phase of life!! You’re setting a wonderful example for me, and all of your younger siblings, and many other young people who are eagerly watching your Godly example. Getting to see in person the things you’ve told us about (projects, etc.) was such a blessing. You’re fulfilling your role as wife and mother-to-be with such grace and joy. I’m grateful for your influence in my life. I’m blessed to call you “big sister.” I love you!

  5. Kathryn   •  

    Oh, how sweet to read your thoughts on this new season of life into which you have entered. The Lord is merciful; I am filled with gratitude for His goodness to you.
    We walked together as sisters in the phase of daughter-hood, and someday, Lord willing, as we walk the road of marriage and parenting together, I am looking forward to hearing even more from your heart about the things He has taught you. Love you dearly!

  6. Ashley   •  

    I am so happy for you!! I can’t wait till you post more. Have a great day!!!
    love in Christ,

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