Treasure the Moment

For anyone who hasn’t yet seen this beautiful reminder, you should take a minute to read it. It brought tears to my eyes – it is so true. I am SO thankful for the things, like Jessica mentioned, that I was able to really enjoy when I was still unmarried in my parents’ home. And now it is applicable to parenthood, too – the moments flee SO quickly. I need to listen – really stop and listen – when my little girl cries out for me. Look her in the face – she simply lights up when I give her my full attention – smile into her deep blue eyes, and tell her I love her. Watch her tiny feet kick when she’s excited, marvel at the completeness and perfection of her chubby hands as her fingers grasp mine. She’s a miracle, she’s a blessing, and she’s growing so fast. I must treasure these moments.

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  1. Kathryn   •  

    What you said is so true… I am immensely grateful to the Lord for your example (especially before marriage) of treasuring each moment and loving life where He had you. I think of you often as I endeavor, by His grace, to do the same.
    Miss you so much, dearest, and love you bunches!

  2. Jessica   •  

    Thank you, sweet sister, for the example you’ve so clearly set for those who are watching you. It is an example worth following, for it is one marked by integrity, contentment, and most importantly, Christ-centeredness. I love watching you in your role of wife and mother. Thank you for letting the Lord lead you and use you to encourage others. I love you so much!

  3. Esther Staddon   •  

    It was a joy and refreshment to stop by your blog this evening! Keep enjoying those precious moments!

  4. Ashley   •  

    Hi Mr and Mrs. Wilkes,
    It’s been a long time since you posted!! Can you please post more soon? I will be looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading more!!!
    God bless.
    I hope you check out my blog and leave a comment if you would like!! Or you can follow by email. Just type your email in the “Follow By Email” blank at the top of my blog and it will automatically send you the most recent post!!!
    Here’s my blog:

  5. Ashley   •  

    Loved the pictures of your sweet little baby!! Can’t wait to see more of your family! Hope you post again soon!!
    ps. I hope you look at my blog and follow by email!!!

  6. Donald S.   •  

    God bless you–all four of you!–and show Himself strong as you continue to fear Him and trust in Him before the sons of men!

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